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The digital advertising market is booming. It’s already reached a significant level and now is more than all other types of advertiser expenses together including TV, printed media, billboards, and sponsorships. The market size has already exceeded the level of 300bn.USD. It looks like a great time for multiple digital services like websites, apps, games, etc.

After years of online evolution, by now, we’ve got it made in the shade. Here’s how it used to be: we’d wish to use a new website or app on our phones, so we proceed to fill out an entire survey about ourselves — date of birth, name, address, all that stuff. These steps would take minutes to complete, and every time we’d want to register for a new website, we’d have to do it all over again… not to mention the countless usernames and passwords we’d have to memorize!

But all that is in the past.

Now, most apps…

Digital advertisement is getting out of hands. You open an application and are immediately bombarded with a seemingly endless stream of ads. Auto-play videos, pop-ups, sponsored content: you name it! A growing consensus of individuals shows that the ad-problem, as many like to regard it as, is marring the overall social media and digital application experience. Below, we discuss a few common complaints and their solutions offered by myGaru.

Problem 1.
I Spy with My Little Eye That You Love Cats!

Perhaps one of the biggest problem tech users have with online advertisements is that they are straight-up invasive. Applications…

“If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass without sharing it in some way.” ― Buddha

Sharing is not only about caring. It’s about self-development, self-confidence, and happiness. Every time we help someone, we become a bit happier. Moreover, even when we see someone helping others, we feel better.

The report on the Value of the Charity Sector, prepared by the Charity Сomission for England and Wales and together with Frontier Economics showed a direct correlation between charity and people’s well-being. They state: «Charities are the eyes, ears and…

What is OpenRTB and can it secure your personal data?

You visit your favorite website. What can go wrong?

How much time does it usually take to load one page? One second? Maybe a half? One click and you’re where you want to be. Reading the news, seeing the ads.

But have you ever wondered what is happening on the other side?

An interesting fact is while the website is loading, hundreds of actions take place. Simply stated, the site puts on an auction for your attention. Here the big fight starts, where all the ad tech market players are involved. Everyone makes their bid. One of them wins. The technology that allows all these actions is called Real-Time Bidding (RTB).


Vitalii Morozenko, myGaru founder and CEO

The global economy is in the middle of a perfect storm full of uncertainties and turbulence. We are adrift with no new ideas for valid approaches to economic operations. We base most principles on financial KPIs to meet the requirements of growth demanded by shareholders. The existing vision is complex and rough — full of irregularity. However, there was no need to make order of that roughness. Mergers and acquisitions have delivered positive outcomes. For example, process optimisation and resource aggregation. The irregularities or bugs in the existing models have been concealed by emphasizing…

Ask the average Joe on the street who the rightful owner of a lawnmower they’d lent to their neighbour is, and they’d reply: “Me, Stupid!”

“What if your neighbour then lent it to another mate without your permission?”

“I’d still own it! And I’d be hacked off that they gave it to someone else without asking.”

Fair enough. But ask the same sort of questions regarding data and the answers are not so certain.

That’s my data!

In a survey we conducted with YouGov, four out of 10 young adults think the data about their online activities belongs to social media companies. As…

From the moment you picked up your first phone or computer, big businesses have been collecting, hoarding and selling your personal data.

But new laws passed last year mean that you finally have the legal right to take back control of your own data. The EU General Data Protection Act, which came into force on May 25th 2018, gives all EU citizens several powerful legal rights around their personal data. And don’t worry about Brexit — all UK citizens are still fully entitled to use these powers too.

Breaking it Down

Don’t fancy trawling through hundreds of pages of legal documents to find…

How many apps and web services have you used today? Whether you’re trying to get in shape, plan the perfect holiday, indulge in some retail therapy or simply catch up with friends, a convenient, digital helper is only a couple of clicks away.

But with an infinite variety of tools at our fingertips for free, have you ever considered what they might be getting from you in return?

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Just because the service is free doesn’t mean they’re not getting something from you. Almost all of the apps and sites you use every day are designed to constantly track your every…

Wondering how so many advertisers get a hold of your details? Had enough of your data being passed around? This introductory guide will help to demystify the hidden world of data trading.

Your phone is ringing. You’re expecting a call back on a job interview so you excitedly grab it and answer and… it’s a telecoms company you’ve never heard of, trying to sell you some phone deal you don’t want. Somehow they know your name. And where you live.

You tell them not to bother you anymore and hang up. Deep breath.

Sound familiar? Unwanted advertising and sales contact…


The one and only tool you need to collect, protect and make the most out of the personal data you create online. Visit our website:

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